Pay-Per-Twitter is a Bad Idea

With Twitter holding off on sullying itself service with any kind of advertising, the void is being audaciously filled by entrepreneurs who believe there’s a buck to be made from providing advertising services.

One of them is beamagpie, which suggests you can make tons of money by letting them piggy-back on your Twitter account from time to time to send out “Magpie Tweets” that contain advertising. In theory, the more followers you have, the more money you can make.

From where I stand, it’s a no-go – not going to happen, not a chance, no way, Jose. It just seems wrong just as Pay-per-Post was a bad idea that came and went before anyone knew was happened.

While some people may climb on the Magpie bandwagon, I can guaranteed you there’s a huge risk the number of people who follow them will quickly melt away.

And advertisers who think Magpie can capitalize on Twitter’s success are misguided.

Just to be clear, there are lots of other players trying to monetize Twitter. TwitAd, for example, lets you “rent” space on your profile page to advertisers.

For more, check out TechCrunch, which proclaims that “anyone who starts to use this will see a sudden decline in followers rather quickly”, while Josh Catone bluntly calls it a “terrible idea”.

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