Is Micro-blogging Mean 140 Characters or Less?

If 2006 was about the blog and 2007 was about Facebook, then’s there no doubt that 2008 has been the year of Twitter.

And, to some extent, it’s also been about micro-blogging – at least when it comes to the concept of writing “posts” that are 140 characters or less.

But here’s a question: is micro-blogging just about 140-characters (or less), or does it mean other things?

For example, BigTweet just launched based on the idea you can write as many as 280 characters for those Twitter posts that are just too good to restrict to 140 characters. Of course, it’s not really 280 characters because if you write more than 140 characters, the post gets split into two posts. Still, the idea is someone believes there’s a market and demand for more than 140 characters.

Then, you’ve got Tumblr, which is often lumped into the micro-blogging group because it has fewer frills than a blog. But there’s really no limit on the length of a Tumblr post so it’s not necessarily a micro-blog as much as a striped-down blogging platform.

I suspect Tumblr is seen as a micro-blogging tool because most people use it for short posts and/or a way to share media (photos, videos, etc.) as opposed to long-form writing.

So, how would you define or describe micro-blogging?

Addendum: TechCrunchIT’s Steve Gillmor has a good rant on why Friendfeed is Twitter’s biggest threat in the micro-blogging world.

More: Here’s a chart showing unique visitors (U.S.) for Twitter and Tumblr. As much as everyone raves about Twitter’s growth, Tumblr’s had a pretty impressive year as well.

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