Why the Buzz About Sideline?

Yahoo has unveiled a new AIR-powered application called Sideline that lets people track what’s happening on Twitter.

There are a few interesting wrinkles, particularly the ability to track multiple keywords and the auto-refresh feature, but I don’t see why Sideline would attract a lot of users.

After playing with Sideline for awhile, the first thing that came to mind is why wouldn’t I just use TweetDeck to monitor keywords – and that TweetDeck could quickly outflank Sideline by offering multiple keyword searches and an auto-refresh.

Sideline does demonstrate, however, the need for Twitter tools to track, monitor and search on Twitter. While there are lots of tools out there, there’s arguably no “killer app” yet, which is why companies such as Yahoo are getting involved.

For more, check out TechCrunch, which gives Sideline feint praise.


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