A Day (Or Hour) Without Twitter Sucks

Can you imagine the puzzlement and frustration many people felt this morning when they discovered that Twitter was down due to a denial-of-service attack?

Shock. Dismay. Panic. Disappointment. Anger.

Here’s just one example of how people reacted as Twitter was on again, off again this morning.

For hard-core Twitter users, Twitter is their social media crack. Without a fix, it’s probably difficult for many of them to do what they want/need to do to sell, brand, market, promote and share.

Twitter’s outage illustrates how crucial is has become for many people, and a hour or two without Twitter can be difficult.

In any event, it looks like Twitter may need to invest even more of its VC dough-ray-me to harden its infrastructure.

Update: The New York Times’ Bits blog has more details about the denial-of-service attack.

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