Twitterfeed: The Workhorse of Twitter

Among the thousands of Twitter applications in the ecosystem, one of the most popular – and probably the most under appreciated – is Twitterfeed, which lets an RSS feed appear on Twitter.

According to ReadWriteWeb, Twitterfeed is used by nearly 350,000 publishers who want to let everyone on Twitter know that a new blog post or news story has been published.

For example, here’s what happens after a new blog post on All About Nortel is written using Twitterfeed. For anyone interested in reading the blow post, Twitterfeed automatically generates a shortened URL.

Picture 4

Although there are a number of RSS-to-Twitter services available, Twitterfeed is easily the most popular. Created by Mario Menti, Twitterfeed has established itself as the leader because it’s easy to use and, for the most part, works better than anything else out there.

Yesterday, Twitterfeed unveiled some major services improvements, including the introduction of a feature that will let users of Blogger, Typepad and other systems offering PubSubHubbub quickly publish new posts to Twitter.

Twitterfeed will also let people publish to Facebook and integrate RSS feeds with Google Analytics – two major improvements.

As ReadWriteWeb’s Marshall Kirkpatrick points out, Twitterfeed is, in many ways, becoming to Twitter and RSS what Feedburner was to blogs and RSS before it was acquired by Google for $100-million.

It will be interesting to see whether Twitterfeed follows the same path, and, if so, who the buyer could be.

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