CoTweet Starts Charging

If there’s a market ripe to consume fee-based Twitter services, it’s businesses looking – and will to pay for – more bells and whistles than Twitter offers. Why Twitter hasn’t already entered this market is a mystery but, then again, everything Twitter does when it comes to revenue seems to be an enigma wrapped inside a riddle.

While Twitter works away on a business plan, CoTweet has launched a new enterprise service that starts at $1,500/month. According to the Wall St. Journal, it’s already signed up McDonald’s, Ford and SunTrust.

So, what do you get for $1,500/month? For one, CoTweet lets companies archive all of their Twitter activity – tweets, retweets, replies, direct messages and mentions. CoTweet also offers analytics – something companies are salivating to access – as well as the ability to let multiple users write and management a Twitter account.

Another company playing in the fee-based corporate world is Yammer, which offers an enterprise version of Twitter. Yammer won last year’s TechCrunch 2008 top award.

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