75M Twitter Users But Growth Slowing

First, the good news: there are now 75 million Twitters users.

Now, the bad news: only 15 million are “active” users, and overall growth is slowing after peaking last July.

These findings come from RJ Metrics, which based its findings after downloading “just under 2 million tweets from about 50,000 users”.

Here are the report’s conclusions:

* When you look at new account registrations, no one can deny that Twitter is still growing like a rocketship (that’s good).
* However, upon closer inspection, the rate of new user signups has dropped meaningfully from its peak and many new users never do anything with their accounts (that’s bad).
* Furthermore, the percentage of accounts sending out tweets has steadily declined over the past six months (that’s worse).
* However, our cohort analysis reveals tremendous loyalty and engagement from those Twitter users who stay on the system after their first week as members (that’s good).
* In fact, those users who stay become more active over time, so much so that they make up for the missing activity from those users who leave (that’s incredibly good).

A report earlier this month by Sysomos (a client) found there were about 13 million active Twitter users from October to December, 2009. Sysomos defined active as people who did a few tweets during that period.

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