Good Luck, Evan Williams

Say what you will about Twitter’s struggles to transform itself into a business from a project but there is no doubt the three founders – Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Jack Dorsey – created a beautiful creature.

For Williams, who is now stepping away from the company after five years, Twitter is monster success #2. Many people forget he also founded, which was purchased by Google in 2003.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs are extremely lucky to have one success, let alone two major successes. It’s a testament to Williams’ vision, work ethic and luck.

As Williams moves on to other things, he has left behind a company with 200 million users around the world, as well as a communications platform that has established itself as one of the leading voices on the Web.

Twitter is not without it warts. The company’s lack of a vibrant business model continues to plague it, even as the number of users continue to grow. And for all the work Twitter put into hardening its infrastructure, it has left itself as a no-frills king surrounded by more than 700,000 other applications, many of them more interesting and feature-rich.

In many respects, Twitter was hurt by its own rapid success. It didn’t give the company time to build a proper foundation that would have created a business that would have been able to serve the needs of consumers in different ways.

This should not, however, take away from Williams’ success in building something big and beautiful. Like many Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, do not expect Williams to stay low for too long. Whenever he decides to do the “next thing”, there will no dbout be a long list of investors more than happy to pitch in.

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