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Twitter’s Buy vs. Build Approach

Twitter is a strange bird these days. It not only has decided to wage a puzzling war against its developer ecosystem, which has helped the Twitter platform flourish, but Twitter also appears intent on making few of them rich unless they really have to. Case in photo is the growing speculation Twitter will launch its […]

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Career Suicide via Twitter

The wonderful thing about Twitter is it’s fast and easy to post a tweet. You think of something, fire off 140 characters (or less) and a tweet is published to the world. The downside is tweets are easy and fast to do, which also means that firing off a tweet that may not, in hindsight, […]

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What Will Twitter do With TweetDeck?

Companies that acquire startups have a funny way of treating them once they’re in the fold. Sometimes, it’s a perfect strategic fit that creates a win-win scenario: the startup thrives within the corporate “mothership” with plenty of financing and stability, while the acquirer expands the capabilities of its business to meet the needs of existing […]

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A No-Brainer Move for Twitter: Buying TweetDeck

It was probably the worst-kept secret within the technology and social media worlds but Twitter has acquired Tweetdeck for $40-million to $50-million, according to Techcrunch. The deal makes complete sense because as a way to read and write tweets is a no-frills platform that loses many people once they get some experience and start […]

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Is Twitter’s Business Model the “Firehose”?

Here’s the thing about Twitter that continues to puzzle me: its insistence on resisting low-hanging fruit when it comes to developing a business model. For a few years, Twitter refused – perhaps that’s a strong word – to consider advertising, even though presenting its users with relevant and contextual advertising was a no-brainer, and something […]

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For people who are enthusiastic Twitter users, our tweets happen when they happen with no rhyme or reason. Some people may schedule a tweet using a tool within TweetDeck or HootSuite but I suspect this isn’t a large group. If you are into scheduling tweets, an important consideration is doing it at times when your […]

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