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Twitter’s Drive for Revenue Ramps Up

Big news from Twitter: it has officially launched its “Firehose” API in which third-parties can have 100% access to Twitter’s data. Twitter proclaims the announcement as something “Enabling a Rush of Innovation” but you could easily argue it is “Enabling a Rush of Revenue” as Twitter will start to charge for different API packages. Much […]

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Twitter vs. the Twitter Community

As Twitter starts to launch new services, including premium services, a growing reality is it will start going head-to-head against developers who have done all kinds of creative things with Twitter’s API over the past couple of years to create hundreds of cool, useful and entertaining services. While all this development happened, Twitter stood on […]

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Twitter Getting Into R&D

While Twitter is increasingly popular, it is not known for being pushing the envelope when it comes to innovative new services. Instead, Twitter has let the developer community use its API to create new and interesting services – some of them valuable and useful, and some just entertaining. But it appears that Twitter may be […]

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Twitter Embraces the ReTweet

One of the more interesting aspects of Twitter is the ReTweet (aka RT), which involves forwarding a tweet to your users that you find interesting. In some ways, it’s Twitter-lite or Twitter-lazy because it means you can simply and quickly do a RT, rather than spend the time to pound out a 140 character (or […]

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Who Still Uses Twitter?

Daring Fireball has a great post focused on a question that should get more attention: Who’s actually using Twitter.com any more? As important, what does the rise of third-party clients such as Seesmic, TweetDeck, Splitweet, Tweetie, Tweetfon, et al mean for the future of Twitter as a business? Here’s the thinking: all these third-party companies […]

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Is Twitter Shooting Itself in the Foot

One of the biggest reasons why Twitter has gained some much momentum over the past year is the thriving ecosystem of Twitter-related applications. Anything you could possibly imagine doing with Twitter is being created by the development community. So, it seems downright strange and puzzling why Twitter has decided to impose limits to calls on […]

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