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How About More Twitter User Info?

Earlier this month, I wrote a post that Twitter should create a registration system in which people would pay an annual fee for a username in the same way they people for a domain name. This would prevent people from squatting on usernames, and provide Twitter with a way to generate a significant amount of much-needed revenue. […]

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Facebook or Twitter?

I saw a tweet by a well-known blogger and technology executive that he was spending far less time on Facebook. When I asked what was doing online instead, he quickly replied “Twitter! More engagement, realtime discussions, feedbacks. Facebook is becoming (for me) a stream of useless stuff”. It struck me as an interesting comment because […]

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Twitter’s Awareness Growing but Usage Lags

It wasn’t that long ago that if you mentioned Twitter to someone, there was a pretty good chance their reaction would be a blank stare or perhaps “What’s a Twitter?”. But according to a new study, 87% of people in the U.S. are now aware of Twitter, compared with 26% in 2009 and 5% in […]

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Will Google Really Kill Twitter?

The blogosphere is abuzz about Google’s plans to integrate a “Twitter-Killer” into GMail – and there are already people such as Robert Scoble boldly suggesting it’s not going to happen. Twitter is the dominant micro-blogging service, having forced Pownce (remember them?) to go away while a score of such as StatusNet and Plurk quietly toil […]

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Twitter vs. Facebook vs. LinkedIn

There’s been a lot of talk this week about Facebook now having 350 million users. To provide a sense of how Facebook’s growth compares with Twitter and LinkedIn, here are some charts from Compete.com. In October, Twitter’s unique visitors (U.S.) dropped 2.1%, while Facebook’s rose 3.5% and LinkedIn’s 3.29%. Over the past year, Twitter has […]

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Twitterfeed: The Workhorse of Twitter

Among the thousands of Twitter applications in the ecosystem, one of the most popular – and probably the most under appreciated – is Twitterfeed, which lets an RSS feed appear on Twitter. According to ReadWriteWeb, Twitterfeed is used by nearly 350,000 publishers who want to let everyone on Twitter know that a new blog post […]

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