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Tweet Peck: A Global View of Twitter and Google

Twitter and Google do an amazing job of telling people what’s happening so you might be interested in Tweet Peck, which combines Twitter and Google to provide a snapshot of what’s going on in a particular city. To use TweetPeck, you provide the name of a city – in this case Toronto. TweetPeck shows the […]

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Combine Google and Twitter Searches

As Twitter’s status as a search engine powerhouse continues to gain momentum, search has emerged as one of the more fascinating part of the Twitter ecosystem with dozens of start-ups such as Twazzup, Topsy and Scoopler scrambling for a foothold. A search engine looking to get a piece of the action is Tweetaboogle, which combines […]

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Google’s New Twitter Follower Tool

I stumbled across a new addition from GoogleLabs with the very uncool name – Find people to follow. Despite the bad name, it’s an interesting way to find new people to follow, as well as see people who are similar to yourself. To start, you simply enter a Twitter user name: Find people to follow […]

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Will Google Really Kill Twitter?

The blogosphere is abuzz about Google’s plans to integrate a “Twitter-Killer” into GMail – and there are already people such as Robert Scoble boldly suggesting it’s not going to happen. Twitter is the dominant micro-blogging service, having forced Pownce (remember them?) to go away while a score of such as StatusNet and Plurk quietly toil […]

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Five Questions with Scoopler’s Dilan Jayawardane

Last week, Scoopler, one of the leading Twitter search engines, raised $750,000 in a series A financing from a group of investors that includes well-known angel Ron Conway, who was one of Google’s early backers. I had a chance to ask Scoopler co-founder Dilan Jayawardane a few questions about the real-time search market, recent moves […]

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Twitter Search – Powered by Google

There are lots and lots of ways to do searches on Twitter – some of the leading players include Twazzup, Scoopler and Summize. Another entrant is Twitter Search Engine, which is powered by Google Custom Search. It’s a fast, no-frills search engine that generates 10 results per page. TSE, created earlier this year, plans to […]

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