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Tweetie: Promising But Needs Some UI Love

For the past week or so, I’ve been using Tweetie to use Twitter. Tweetie is a desktop application for Mac, as well as a popular Twitter application on the iPhone. Tweetie’s strengths are simplicity, a clean look and feel, and the ability to easy manage multiple Twitter accounts. For all of Tweetie’s user-friendliness, it has […]

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TweetDeck Still Rules the Twitter Roost

There’s a new update for the Seesmic Desktop software, including tools that tightly integrate Facebook. Mashable’s Pete Cashmore describes it as “awesome”, bubbling about how the new and improved Seesmic “lets you use Facebook on the desktop in the same way that it – and rival TweetDeck – allowed you to use Twitter.” While some […]

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Who Still Uses Twitter?

Daring Fireball has a great post focused on a question that should get more attention: Who’s actually using Twitter.com any more? As important, what does the rise of third-party clients such as Seesmic, TweetDeck, Splitweet, Tweetie, Tweetfon, et al mean for the future of Twitter as a business? Here’s the thinking: all these third-party companies […]

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Nambu: Promising But Very Beta

There’s been quite a bit of buzz recently about the launch of Nambu, desktop, AIR-powered software for Mac OS X that, for now, lets you handle multiple Twitter and Identi.ca accounts (Friendfeed and Ping.fm are coming soon). As someone who’s constantly looking for new ways to use Twitter, I downloaded Nambu with high expectations. After […]

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Seesmic-TweetDeck Battle Heats Up

There’s nothing like good, healthy competition to encourage innovation and new ideas. Such is the case for TweetDeck and Twhirl (aka Seesmic), the two leading desktop applications for Twitter. Earlier this week, Seesmic launched an overhaul of its Twhirl application that includes new features such as the ability to monitor multiple feeds and post from […]

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