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Twitter’s Buy vs. Build Approach

Twitter is a strange bird these days. It not only has decided to wage a puzzling war against its developer ecosystem, which has helped the Twitter platform flourish, but Twitter also appears intent on making few of them rich unless they really have to. Case in photo is the growing speculation Twitter will launch its […]

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Pluck Your Friends’ Photos

As much as people are sharing lots of links to newspaper articles and blog posts on Twitter, there’s also a lot of people sharing photos. But how do you easily see the photos shared by your friends? An interesting solution is Pluckshot, which lets you quickly see photos shared by the people you follow. Bottom […]

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A Shopping List for Twitter

A new Twitter Obsession – including mine – is what acquisitions should Twitter make to further establish itself as the leading microblogging platform. We know from the secret internal documents publishing by TechCrunch that Twitter was taking a hard look at CoTweet, which is a multiple-account publishing tool. But, to date, Twitter has only made […]

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Twitter’s Dearth of Deals

Twitter has plenty of venture capital in the bank – enough from the outside looking in to let it operate for a couple of years without having to worry about generating a dime of revenue. Meanwhile, the Twitter ecosystem continues to grow and evolve as third-party developers create new and interesting services using Twitter’s API. […]

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Share Your Photos With yfrog

Sharing your photos on Twitter is becoming one of the platform’s most used and interesting services with TwitPic emerging as one of the leading players. Another photo-sharing service that warrants some attention is yfrog, which offers a simple and user-friendly interface to share photos on your computer or a photo using a URL. To share […]

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